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Oil Filtering and Dehydration

We offer oil filtering and dehydration with our VAC-DRI vacuum dehydrator unit. The VAC-DRI process
provides drier oil than any other water removal system.

Vacuum Dehydrators / Oil Purifiers:


The primary function of vacuum dehydration and purification using the VAC-DRI vacuum dehydrator / oil purifier is to remove free, emulsified, and dissolved water from oil, as well as solid particulate contamination. The secondary function of the system is the extraction of air, gases, and light hydrocarbon contamination from the oil. These functions are accomplished using the principles of low temperature vacuum distillation and micronic filtration.


The VAC-DRI ultimate cleanliness system provides full-flow processing, not batch-controlled like most competitors, to lower water concentration quicker.

  • 0% total remaining free and emulsified water content achieved. Removes a 1% water concentration in a single pass.
  • Removes 100% of free (entrained) air and up to 90% dissolved air
  • Removal of particulate contaminants down to micron
  • Does not remove costly additives
  • Flow pattern does not agitate the oil
  • Unit is forklift portable
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